"Thinking about countermeasures": German politician criticizes US sanctions against Nord Stream 2


The gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 will soon be put into operation. Nevertheless, the opponents of the project, especially the USA, Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States, are still trying to prevent its completion. Klaus Ernst, chairman of the committee for economics and energy, finds thereby sharp word for opponents of the project.

On 13 November, the German Bundestag adopted the amendment to the Energy Industry Act implementing the EU directive on the internal gas market. This also established the German regulatory competence for Nord Stream 2.

At the same time, there are still some questions that need to be clarified, such as whether or not Nord Stream 2 can be totally or partially exempted from European regulation.

At the same time, there are fears that further debates over the bureaucratic details might delay the project.

Klaus Ernst, however, does not believe in these fears.

"I can not imagine that this leads to a shift. The construction of the pipeline is approved, there are currently no legal reasons that conflict with Nord Stream 2. That the line does not go into operation, I consider excluded, "said Ernst.

It should also be remembered that even US sanctions will not play a role in regulatory regulation of gas pipelines.

The Federal Network Agency is doing "no business with the US and no need to take into account the sanctions threatened by the US," said the chairman of the Committee on Economic and Energy.

For the sanctions, the Bundestag also finds clear words.

"The Federal Government considers these sanctions contrary to international law, they are extraterritorial. Americans do not care about how we shape our energy policy. In this respect, these threatened sanctions are absolutely unacceptable. The federal government must defend against it, "said the politician.

If the US sanctions actually hinder the conduct of the line, one would have to "think about countermeasures". One of the options could be to collect duties on imported American fracking gas.

Also price issue crucial

It is clear that the Americans want to come onto the European market with their LNG gas, but in the end prices would be the decisive factor.

"The price question has a decisive importance for which gas is demanded in the Federal Republic. As long as the Russian gas is significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the American fracking gas, it is also bought in Germany, "said the expert.

One could not speak of a one-sided dependency either. Russia is at least as dependent as it has to sell its gas.

"There is currently a big consensus, including in the German Bundestag, that we want Russian gas and want to maintain relations with Russia. There are also more and more voices calling for the end of sanctions against Russia. That is cross-party, "said the German politician.

The sanctions are also particularly outrageous because "the US has a great interest in hindering the economic relations between Europe and Russia".

The Americans themselves would continue to do good business with Russia, but then tried to "hinder Russia's trade with others at the same time."

"This is unacceptable."

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