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The 27-year-old resident of Kiev, Maksim Gavrilenko, developed glasses made of coffee waste and with a completely soluble frame.

As a child, Gavrilenko, who helped his parents with optical operations, searched for natural materials for the spectacle frame because plastic waste threatened the planet.

The search lasted about a year. For more than a year, different materials were tested and numerous tests and researches were conducted. In the end, the entrepreneur chose coffee.

Local cafes usually throw away coffee grounds. Gavrilenko thus obtained the raw material for his glasses for free.

Glasses keep the smell of coffee

The coffee grounds go through 39 stages, from raw materials to spectacle frames. The coffee grounds combine with flax shavings and soybean oil. This combination of polymer bonds gives the spectacle frame strength.
Glasses are made of processed cotton glasses. The product retains the smell of light coffee.

Ukrainian entrepreneur, who aims to improve the business and increase the number of products made from coffee grounds, said “These will be pots and pans, toothbrushes, phone cases and other primary products made of plastic today" says.

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