"There is no intellectual in Europe who does not speak Russian literature"


While the 5th edition of the Grand Mass of Russian Literature has opened in Paris, traditionally offering a wide range of events, the director of the Federal Agency for the Press has evaluated Sputnik's situation in the literature. Russian abroad and advised works to discover.

Becoming traditional, the Russian book fair Russkaya Literatura is back in the French capital to welcome from January 6 to 8 lovers of letters in the language of Pushkin. In an interview with Sputnik, the director of the Rospetchat agency, Mikhail Seslavinsky, delivered his assessment of the event.

"The program is very rich, as thirty events – including meetings with writers and discussions of a cultural, historical and even political nature – will take place over two and a half days. And it's no wonder that such a program attracts a large number of visitors. "

Assessing the situation of the Russian book abroad, Mr.Seslavinsky noted that already what was translated were only precious drops of what was published in Russia where 120,000 titles come out every year.


Russkaya Literatura Salon in Paris

However, he believes, if a positive dynamic is observed with regard to contemporary authors, the situation with classical letters is more complicated. And to add that the works in question needed a fresher translation.

Three books to discover

Asked to read three recent Russian news articles, Rospetchat's leader first cited the novel Brisbane by Yevgeny Vodolazkin.

"It is a serious work that is based in particular on the personal experience of the author. It is easy to read and carries, at the same time, a profoundly philosophical meaning. "

He then quotes a new work by Gouzel Iakhina, whose novel Zouleikha opens the eyes has already been translated into the language of Moliere. His new book is entitled My Children.


Russkaya Literatura Salon in Paris

"And has just released a collection of very tasty stories Margarita Simonian (the editor of the agency Sputnik, ed) and entitled Black Eyes. I read it in one go, from the first to the back cover in four hours, "he said.

And to share the pleasure that gave him the language and the southern colors of his region – the south of Russia.

"I advise everyone, if you have the opportunity, to take charge of this book – you will not be able to get by."

Middle ages of Russian culture

At the request to comment on the late Jacques Chirac's taste for Russian literature and to say if other leaders had similar inclinations, Mr.Seslavinsky replied: "I am convinced that there is no intellectual in Europe who do not read Russian literature ".


Vladimir Fedorovsky

Vladimir Fedorovsky, writer and former adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev, added that Russia had four main agents: Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky and Diaghilev. And to emphasize the role of the muses in the fight against false stereotypes.

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