The suspect was shot in the head of the police officer arrested


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The police officer who intervened in a fight in Bursa was arrested by the court where the suspect was shot by taking his gun. His relatives were released on condition of judicial control.

Bursa44-year-old who intervened in a fight in Yavuz Selim district of Yıldırım district of Turkey police officer A.O., M.D.'yi showing resistance to him wanted to take into custody.

Meanwhile, the suspect M.D., who took the gun from the police, shot the police officer A.O. The heavily injured police officer was sent to the High Specialized Training and Research Hospital by ambulance to the scene.

While the treatment continued, the life-threatening danger of the police officer continued. 34-year-old S.D., 59-year-old ID., 52-year-old T.B. and 49-year-old M.Y. After the safety procedures were referred to the court. M.D. While pleading guilty, he did not answer question about why he shot police.

The suspect was arrested, his relatives released on condition of judicial control

After the security proceedings, suspect M.D. together with relatives who showed resistance to the police S.D., İ.D., T.B. and M.Y. was sent to the courthouse.

Suspect M.D. the court arrested and sent to prison, relatives were released on condition of judicial control.

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