The Spanish Government points to the extreme right after the attack on a center for migrant minors


MADRID (Sputnik) – The Minister of Interior of Spain, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, pointed to "hate speech" as the cause of the attack on a center for migrant minors in Madrid, where anti-explosive specialists had to intervene to deactivate a grenade launched against The enclosure.

"Calling xenophobia or discrimination is often the prelude to more serious events," said the Spanish minister.

With these words, Grande-Marlaska made a veiled reference to the constant attempts of the Vox ultra-rightist formation – third in the last elections– for criminalizing Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MENA, a term that different sectors reject when considering that it dehumanizes migrant children)
Throughout the electoral campaign for the general elections of November 10, Vox managed on several occasions that unaccompanied minors were at the center of the debate, accusing them – without supporting data – of creating insecurity in the streets.
"I live in a popular neighborhood of Madrid, Hortaleza, and every time I go out to the street, and there is a center of ores, I meet women who come to tell me that the police officers tell them not to go out with jewelry to the street, "said Vox leader Santiago Abascal, during the main debate of the campaign, televised during prime time.

This December 4, the same center of Hortaleza referred to by Abascal was attacked with an explosive device that the authorities managed to detonate in a controlled manner.

"It is a training grenade with very little load that was thrown into the center through the outer fence," National Police sources told Sputnik.
In the opinion of the technicians, it is a grenade commonly used in the Spanish Army.

After knowing the event, Vox issued a statement condemning the facts.

However, the progressive formations took the opportunity to denounce the hate speech of the ultra-rightist formation.

"We will have in front of all those who practice hate speech," said Grande-Marlaska, Interior Minister in the current acting Government, of a social democratic nature.

For its part, the United Left left coalition also took the opportunity to blame the far right and its related media for what happened.

"It is not only Vox that is poisoning our society with a hate speech about the centers of minors," said Juanma del Olmo, a leading leader of Podemos, who accused the related right-wing training of "throwing fake news every day. that little by little poison people. "
The Immigration and Refugee Assistance Network announced that it will be prosecuted to demand a full investigation of what happened and ensure that those responsible are punished, whose identity is not known at the moment.

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