The share of women in the 99-year budget increases


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Special budget for gender equality and reduction of backwardness in women and families this year increased by 36%

Referring to the forecast of women's share in next year's budget, the Vice President announced that women are contributing to the budget of all devices, and that the budget is not focused on one device but a specific budget for gender equality, Sputnik reports. And the reduction in backlogs for women and families has grown 36 percent this year, one of the biggest increases in the 99 budget.

"There is also a budget for the implementation of a women's development document in each province, which will be announced how it will be distributed. Each instrument has a task in this document and its budget needs to be allocated.

This document is dedicated to gender equality, for example in the case of schoolchildren who still have children in some parts of the country, especially in border areas, and this problem is three to four times higher in girls than boys need to be educated. And nurture special attention.

However, there are still shortcomings in the areas of health, reproductive health, sports and sports facilities for women, attention to women's parks and equitable distribution of sports venues, which are document orientations.

Damage to women's rights, such as addiction and childbearing, violence against women and issues that neglect women's rights, have also been identified in the document. Given the high capacity of women in Khuzestan, the adoption of the document will help to promote it. "

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