The seventh joint meeting of the Iron Committee will be held on board the International Ship tomorrow


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Member of the government team in the coordination committee for redeploying forces from the city and ports of Al-Hodeidah, west of Yemen, Brigadier-General Sadiq Dowid, announced today, Tuesday, that the committee will hold a joint meeting tomorrow with the "Ansar Allah" group, on the UN ship off the coast of Hodeidah.

Cairo – Sputnik. "The seventh joint meeting of the Redeployment Coordination Committee will take place on December 18-19, in the UN ship, to discuss practical steps for the concept of redeployment of the two phases, the opening of humanitarian corridors, the replacement of the security forces and the main coast guard," Doyd said in a tweet on his Twitter account.

The government negotiator accused "Ansar Allah" of "not implementing any of this, despite the passage of one year since the agreement."

In the December 2018 peace negotiations in Sweden, the Yemeni government and Ansar Allah group reached an agreement on Hodeidah, which included the joint redeployment of forces from the city of Hodeidah and its ports, Hodeidah, Saleef, and Ras Issa, to agreed locations outside the city and ports In addition to two agreements to exchange prisoners and improve the situation in Taiz, they were not implemented due to differences between the two parties over its details.

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