The Russian Navy is conducting tests of fire "Caliber" in the Black Sea


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The head of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's information department, Alexei Rolf, said Tuesday that the crew of the new small rocket ship "Ingushetia" had successfully tested artillery fire in the Black Sea.

Moscow – Sputnik. "When leaving the sea, the crew of the ship, with the participation of the manufacturer's production team, fired from the artillery in the normal position, as well as at maximum angles of rotation and altitude, at sites simulating marine, coastal and air targets," Rolf said in his report.

In addition to the shooting, the crew seized the equipment of the ship's surveillance systems and weapons, as well as the air defense system, Rolf said.

The shooting was carried out as part of the state's tests of the ship before being included in the combat structure of the Black Sea Fleet, and the ship is scheduled to be admitted to the Black Sea Fleet at the end of December 2019.

Sources in the Russian Defense Ministry, that the Russian Navy will get this year a number of ships and advanced naval boats. The Russian fleet is also expected to soon acquire the small Ingushetia missile ship, equipped with Kaliber missiles and an anti-air missile system. Developed under the project "21631", which contributed to the day to provide Russia with seven warships.

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