The Russian Federal Council calls on Europe to develop its own security system without US intervention


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The chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Russian Federal Council, Viktor Bondarev, said that the time has come for the European Union countries to work actively to resolve the issue of ensuring its security without the participation of the United States.

Moscow – Sputnik. "The time has come for the Europeans to work more vigorously on ensuring their security without the participation of the United States," he said.

Bondarev stressed that Washington declares the "Russian threat" as a major source of danger to Europe, which in fact does not exist. "In this atmosphere, they are deploying their military infrastructure, transferring arsenals and deploying troops in European countries, while the Europeans cannot control all this" wealth, "and it is no secret that the armies of NATO countries belong to the United States. They let them in. "

This, and NATO in the final statement of its summit held in England, it is open to dialogue, and a constructive relationship with Russia when Russia's actions allow it. At the same time, the declaration stressed that the alliance is determined to remain nuclear as long as there are nuclear weapons and protects its interests with an appropriate mix of nuclear, conventional and missile defense capabilities.

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