The Prosecutor's Office of Peru postpones the interrogation of Montesinos by Odebrecht


LIMA (Sputnik) – The Prosecutor's Office of Peru postponed for December 20 the interrogation of former presidential advisor Vladimiro Montesinos on the Odebrecht corruption case, due to an "administrative problem".

"The interrogation with the inmate, Vladimiro Montesinos, could not be carried out, there has been an administrative problem (…) Therefore, it has been found convenient to point out (the new date) for December 20," he said the prosecutor in charge, Domingo Perez, to the local press at the exit of the Naval Base of Callao (center, adjacent to Lima), where the ex-advisor remains imprisoned.
Montesinos was presidential advisor during the Government of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), and was sentenced to jail for crimes against humanity, corruption, among others.
The tax team investigating the Odebrecht case seeks to clarify the alleged links between Vicente Silva Checa, the former leader's trusted man, and the leader of the Popular Force party (right), Keiko Fujimori.

Czech was Keiko's campaign leader for the 2011 presidential elections, and the tax team maintains that the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht would have, on that occasion, given illicit money to finance her campaign.

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