The opponent Nathalie Yamb expelled from the Ivorian territory for "activities incompatible with the national interest"


His speech calling for the self-determination of Africa, delivered at the Sochi summit last October, had a resounding echo on the web. Since then, Nathalie Yamb, the executive adviser of Mamadou Koulibaly, presidential candidate Ivorian 2020, considered himself in the crosshairs of "France and his African lackeys".

After 10 hours of hearing in the premises of the police headquarters of Abidjan, it is under police escort, and without his lawyer, Nathalie Yamb was embarked on the evening of December 2 for the international airport Felix Houphouet Boigny Abidjan. Direction Switzerland, country of which she is national (Nathalie Yamb is Switzerland by his mother and Camerounaise by his father).

"The sound of his expulsion had been running for several days. Already well before his summons, "says Jean-Charles Wognin, one of the councilor's collaborators, joined by Sputnik.

The Ivorian Ministry of the Interior has indeed decided to expel the executive advisor of the opponent Mamadou Koulibaly, candidate invested by the party Liberty and Democracy for the Republic (Lider) for the Ivorian presidential election of 2020 for "incompatible activities" with the national interest ".

But, for many Internet users, as well as for the Lider party, the "activities incompatible with the national interest" reproached by the Ivorian authorities to Nathalie Yamb are only an excuse to dismiss the one whose panafrican voice never stops resonating. always more on social networks

In their eyes, there is no doubt that Nathalie Yamb suffered the reprisal of her very noticed intervention in Sochi.

"The platform offered to Nathalie Yamb in Sochi has allowed exponentially exponentially increase the scope of her positions on topics such as the CFA franc or the French military bases, which, moreover, are positions held by Lider since its creation in 2011. Sochi, the voice of Nathalie Yamb is amplified. What she said that could once be trivialized, is now scrutinized because around her do not cease to aggregate many Africans. It was therefore necessary to break this dynamic, "said Sputnik microphone Paul Kwadjane Agoubli, the national delegate of Lider in charge of communication.

In the opinion of other Internet users, not having Ivorian nationality, Nathalie Yamb did not have to invest so much in the political life of a State of which she is not a national.

In this last observation, Mamadou Koulibaly replies that "the Ivorian law does not forbid it". Articles 7 and 8 of the law on political parties in Côte d'Ivoire do not prohibit, indeed, a non-Ivorian to campaign in a political party, except to preside over instances.

With the expulsion of his adviser less than a year from the presidential election of 2020, some observers fear that the candidate Mamadou Koulibaly is greatly weakened and that beyond, it is all the party he founded in July 2011 taking a hit.

"The most sincere and friendly could be worried about this expulsion, the most cynical could rejoice. We are stunned by this sanction, it is true, but we must know that there is resource in Lider to always move forward. And even if the physical presence of Nathalie Yamb will be missed, the technologies are such today that we will all continue to work together, "continues Paul Kwadjane Agoubli.

Civil society organizations or human rights have already begun to rule on the expulsion of opponent Nathalie Yamb. This is particularly the case of the Group for reflection and actions for democracy and human rights in Africa (Graddh-Africa) which denounces a decision of the Ivorian authorities "excessive and purely political".

Contacted by Sputnik, Delmas Kokou, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ivory Coast, did not wish to comment for the time being.

Interviewed last October 30 by Sputnik, Nathalie Yamb had declared not to fear reprisals for his intervention in Sochi «that would not fail to occur".

"For a revolution to succeed, it is good that revolutionaries stay alive. That being the case, it's been a long time since I overcame my fear. I am more afraid for my family and loved ones than for myself. One can not engage in a liberation struggle by thinking that there will not be a price to pay. When one is afraid, the oppressor does not need to cheat, he can do what he wants. But when we overcome our fear, we are released, we do what we can do, then others will take over, "she had especially supported the Sputnik microphone.

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