The Most Unfortunate Elamite Young Man Who Came From Afghanistan + Photo


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Following the mistake of the judge in Khorramabad, the young Kerry and Lal Ilam were expelled from Iran and fled to Afghanistan.

According to Sputnik, in recent days there has been news in the internet that a judge in Lorestan province has been deported from his motherland and sent to Afghanistan because of a mistake by a trial judge in Lorestan province.

Hamed Ase, a young Elam, who was 5 years old when he was born deaf and dumb on November 20, was driven away by motorcycle and arrested in Khorramabad. He was mistakenly conceived by Afghan nationals as a judge in Khorramabad because he was unable to speak and was sent to the country. And now the family of the missing young man is searching for his son in Afghanistan and in Herat. However, the authorities of Lorestan province have not yet confirmed or denied this issue.

Users are deeply angry at the judge's condemnation of the wrongful execution and hope the judge will deal with the case decisively. They are surprised that the judge issued a deportation warrant for the expulsion of a young Elamite from his home country without fingerprints, investigations and inquiries. Other users wonder how the young man did not object, and why he did not write his name in order to verify his identity.

A number of users, in response to this news, have reproduced similar examples of such judgments and believe that the issue of judgment should not be taken lightly. These users see this as a small sample of wrongdoings and wrongful executions in Iran, but are happy that cyberspace can clarify these issues. While they regret the loss of the young man, they are worried that the mistake could cost him his life. Users hope the matter will be pursued seriously and a delegation headed to Afghanistan to find the missing youth.

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