The Mexican president expects the US Congress to ratify T-MEC before December 20


MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed his expectation that the US Congress ratify before December 20 the Free Trade Agreement Modification Protocol Mexico, USA, Canada, after the Senate Mexican approved them the day before.

"Hopefully the same will be done in the US, they (the US congressmen) have until the 20th (December), apparently there is agreement between Republicans and Democrats," the president said at a press conference.

Lopez Obrador thus commented on the vote of the Upper House, which gave its endorsement the night of December 12 to the treaty by an overwhelming majority of 107 votes in favor, one against and 20 absences.

As for ratification in the Canadian parliament, he indicated that "Canada would be pending by the beginning of next year, but in the case of the US Congress it can be approved before 20, next week."
The Mexican Senate became the first of the three legislative powers in North America to endorse the modifications included in an "adendum" in labor and environmental matters, introduced by the opposition Democratic Party, which has a majority in the US Chamber of Deputies.
"It is a triumph because it will create better conditions for the arrival of foreign investment, the strengthening of the industry, the creation of jobs, they will improve wages, the benefits to which workers are entitled," said the chief of State.

The US Capitol and the Canadian Parliament did not ratify the T-MEC Original this year, as the Mexican Senate did on June 19, and promoted the changes, which were already ratified by the legislators of this country.

The 74-page annex modifies the new treaty signed by the three governments on November 30, 2018, in Buenos Aires.

"I recognize the senators the gesture, the decision to approve this agreement that will greatly help the North American region, help the three peoples, the three nations, this economic, commercial agreement is also political, because there is no confrontation between governments, this does not happen in other parts of the world, "said the head of state.

The T-MEC "will help a lot to the growth of the economy, although it is not the only thing or the panacea, it is a very important link to have this agreement with the strongest economy in the world, with the most important trade in the world", He pointed out.
The added procedure on labor disputes would be activated 85 days after a complaint, if in that period it does not rectify the country in question.
In addition, it establishes a transition period of seven years so that 70% of the steel used in cars is cast in the North American region, as required by the US.

When ratified by the three legislative branches, the new agreement will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has been in force for almost 26 years, which will be met on January 1.

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