The goals of the Mexican match in Monterrey and Al-Qatari Dam 3-2 in the Club World Cup … Video


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Monterrey, Mexico, qualified for the Club World Cup semi-finals, after defeating Al Sadd of Qatar, with three goals to two, in the match between them at the "Jassim Bin Hamad" stadium in Doha, Qatar.

Monterey scored a shot outside the penalty area in the 22nd minute by Vangioni, announcing the first goal of the match.

Rogelio added the second goal for Monterrey in the 46th minute.

In the second half, Al Sadd entered the ambition of returning to meet again, and Baghdad, the star of the Qatari Al Sadd player, actually scored the team's first goal in the 66th minute.

Al Sadd looked for a draw goal to preserve the chance to qualify for the semi-finals, but his ambitions collided with the strength of Monterrey and his insistence with a third goal in the 77th minute by Carlos Rodriguez.

Abdul Karim Hassan scored the second goal for Al-Qatari Dam in the 89th minute, but the time did not help Al-Sadd to return with a draw goal again.

The match ended with Monterrey winning and qualifying for the semi-finals to face Liverpool.

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