"The epitome of modern civilization": Kim celebrates his favorite project


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North Korea celebrated with great pomp the official completion of the modernization of the remote town of Samjiyon, which in the future will be regarded as a figurehead of socialism.

Head of state Kim Jong Un cut the ribbon on Monday at the inauguration ceremony for the new city, which is an "epitome of modern civilization," state media said Tuesday. The construction project near the sanctified Mount Paektu in the north of the country is considered one of Kim's favorite projects.

In North Korea, the Paektu is also considered a symbol of the ruling family. He was allegedly born at the end of 2011 father Kim Jong Uns, Kim Jong Il.

The urban area in the district of Samjiyon was "transformed into the example of a modern, mountainous city under socialism," it said. Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Politburo of the Workers' Party, said in a speech that the area was proclaimed the "best human paradise in the world." The ceremony was accompanied by thunderous cheers and fireworks.

The Internet newspaper "Daily NK", released in South Korea by North Korean refugees, said in August, citing sources in North Korea, that residents in the district had been forced to work in the new city and construction workers from all over the country had been sent there.

The transformation of Samjiyon is also seen as part of the development plans Kim Jong Uns, to build an independent economy. North Korea is considered one of the most isolated countries in the world. Because of its nuclear weapons program, it is subject to tough international sanctions.

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