The cold drop storm keeps Catalonia and Mediterranean areas on alert


BARCELONA (Sputnik) – Much of Catalonia is alert for heavy rains in a new episode of cold drop that affects this and other areas of the Mediterranean coast, such as the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands.

"Special prudence before the arrival of the strongest part of the rain and wind storm that affects Catalonia, with special impact on the coast, where there is also a strong maritime storm, with waves that exceed 5m high," Civil Protection reported in a statement.

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) warned of the displacement this December 4 towards the north of Spain of an isolated depression at high levels, a phenomenon known as Dana or cold drop, which mostly affects Catalonia, but also the Valencian Community and Islands Balearics.

The storm became more intense from noon on December 4, with heavy rains and strong wind and waves that will last until the early hours of day 5, as indicated by the Spanish meteorological services.

In some areas of Catalonia, up to 100 liters per square meter were recorded, and rains hit the coast of Barcelona with intensity, causing waves of more than 6 meters high.

The Catalan Water Agency asked the population for caution against possible flooding of rivers and streams, which can occur suddenly and end in floods.

In October, a storm of similar characteristics that affected all of Catalonia caused the overflow of the Francoli River (Tarragona) and left a balance of five dead and two missing persons.

For this reason, Civil Protection asked the Catalan municipalities to close all access to rivers and streams and to follow the evolution of the flows until the end of the cold drop episode.

He also asked the population to avoid parking vehicles in floodplain areas and circulate through underground passages or secondary roads when it rains more intensely.

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