The Algerian President-elect announces his priorities and promises to include youth in the government


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Algerian President-elect, Abdel Majid Taboun, announced today, Saturday, his priorities in conjunction with the beginning of his tenure, denying that he has the intention to establish a political party.

Abdel Majid Taboun said, according to the Algerian "Al-Nahar" channel, that the promotion of the national economy is its current priority and its primary concern.

He also mentioned that restoring the prestige, cleanliness and credibility of the state to the people is the first task that it wants to perpetuate.
"There will be important priorities, especially the looted funds at home and abroad," he said, stressing that he will work to recover them at any cost.

He continued, "The appointment of the government is the most difficult task and I wish success to God Almighty." He also promised several surprises in the event of the formation of the government.

And on Friday, the Independent National Electoral Authority in Algeria announced the victory of the free candidate, Abdel Majid Taboun, under the leadership of the Algerian Republic, by 58.15%.

The committee also stated that the candidate Abdul Qadir bin Qurainah obtained 17.38% of the votes, while Ali bin Falis received 10.55%, according to the Algerian News Agency. Ezzedine Mihoubi received 7.26% of the vote.

Abdul Majeed Tabun was born on November 17, 1945, in the Wilayat of Naama in the southwest of the country, and graduated from the National School of Administration in 1965, with a major in economics and finance.

He had held the position of Prime Minister, in May 2017, succeeding Abd al-Malik Sallal, before he finished his duties in August of the same year, and appointed Ahmed Ouyahia to succeed him.

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