The 2020 iPhone screen could save an ace in the sleeve


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Apple will collaborate with Qualcomm to provide its new cell phones with a skill that iPhone users have never seen: a fingerprint sensor under the device's screen.

As reported by the Economic Daily News, the US company has teamed up with Qualcomm to integrate its new fingerprint reading technology into future cell phone models.
Reading the fingerprints through the screen is not new, since there are already devices on the market capable of doing so. However, the new 3D Sonic Max technology allows you to have a reading area 17 times larger than usual, and in addition to that it will allow two fingerprints to be analyzed simultaneously.

It is likely, says the media, that it is precisely this technology that Apple will use in its new devices 2020, thus giving an alternative to the facial recognition that is used now. The Cupertino company will also collaborate with Qualcomm to integrate 5G connectivity into its new products.

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