Syrian Telecom seeks to revive IDSL packages after 100% international circuit consumption


Syrian Telecom, the main internet service provider in Syria, has reconsidered the transformation of the open-use Internet service (ADSL) into a series of “bundles”, after “over-usage” has reached record levels that have exhausted the capacity of international circuits by 100%.

Sources close to planning officials at "Syrian Telecom" told "Sputnik", that the company's technicians warned of what they described as the danger of "the unjust use of the national Internet package by the major subscribers of owners of Internet cafes and electronic games shops", and the resulting impact on the The increasing degradation of Internet services in Syria.
The sources pointed out that a few large customers from commercial companies, cafes owners and electronic games shops, consume the bulk of the capacity of the Syrian international circuit, at the expense of ordinary users, which requires a serious and rapid shift in the service to "fair packages" to relieve pressure from the circuit International, which has been completely closed in recent weeks after the use of capacity reached 100%, despite the repeated development of it.

The sources pointed out that "the Syrian Ministry of Communications and Technology pays the costs of the international gate in hard currency (dollar) while the fees for providing this service to Syrian users in the national lira, and with cash changes in the exchange rate of the lira against the dollar, the service began to deplete the state treasury."

The sources pointed to the need for the Ministry of Communications and Technology to "put an end to this attrition and apply the policy of fair use between ordinary users and users who harness this service to develop their businesses that bring them high returns, unlike ordinary users."

The idea of ​​converting the Syrian Internet service into bouquets was put forward last year and was widely condemned by ordinary users, which contributed to the postponement of the whole idea, but the recent cash changes in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the dollar, apparently contributed to the return of these proposals Due to the imbalance of monetary imbalance in the cost and return data.

In May 2018, a series of speculative data was issued by the Syrian Telecom on the Internet service in Syria and converted into packages that determine the amount of consumption for the user "in line with what all countries in the world," according to the Director of Marketing at the Syrian Ministry of Communications, revealing A study to convert unlimited ADSL home and office Internet bundles into three limited capacity packages for “achieving justice among subscribers”.

The Director of Marketing pointed to the launch of open cards for those with high consumption at prices higher than the cards for those with medium and low consumption, but the decision will not affect the line "ADSL" and that the packages will be optional, and will not be implemented until next year (this year).

After the decision got a loud storm on social networking sites, and sparked a wide debate among the general users about the "deprivation of Internet users in Syria from this outlet," the Syrian Telecommunications Company issued a statement, stressing that "the application of this mechanism will reflect positively and significantly on the quality of Internet service, a mechanism It is currently being studied in order to meet the needs of all segments of the requesting service, so that they are in two categories specific consumption packages for subscribers with normal consumption and unlimited packages for subscribers with very high consumption. (Extraordinary), taking into account the size of the normal consumption of the largest segment of the subscribers so as not to be affected by the subject of determining the packages, while the very high consumption segments that use the Internet for commercial purposes will be able to move to the consumption segment is not specified to meet their requirements.

The company stressed that "the application of the principle of determining the packages does not mean the interruption of the Internet service to the subscriber in the specified packages in the event of exceeding the volume of consumption specified for the package, but will retain the service but at a lower speed until the renewal of the package, and that this mechanism may allow the issuance of specific consumption packages suitable for consumer segments. Less consumption and lower wages than the current "and that all the procedures related to this mechanism will be through coordination between the Regulatory Commission for the telecommunications and mail sector and all Internet service providers in Syria."

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