Syrian pound faces US attack and market factors … and defense systems mobilize


A combination of economic and non-economic factors, such as the US economic and commercial blockade of the West and the sanctions, have led to difficulties faced by the Syrian economy with its local potential.

A number of pages on social media continue to write daily numbers that say they are for the lira exchange rate against the dollar. I do not know how these pages determine this price as if calculated according to the indicators "Dow Jones" or "Wall Street" or as if at the heart of global stock exchanges. The pages aim to raise the exchange rate upwards in order to hit and weaken the Syrian economy, taking advantage of the factual factors such as the Lebanese crisis that actually caused a shortage in the dollar supply, or other supply and demand factors, but in a negative and disruptive and harmful and exaggerated psychological impact. Pages and applications that price 12, and Next, they motivate him towards the rise, taking advantage of the large number of followers of the ordinary people and traders who both unfortunately rely on these pages.
The exchange rate in the market is determined by supply and demand, this is a scientific scientific axiom. The communication pages that publish exchange rates on the quality and price of his goods, which led some prices to rise unjustifiably and the greed is evident by some private sectors.

In fact, any commodity whose production is increasing, and the supply becomes larger than demand and consumption, its price will inevitably decline, regardless of the exchange rate, (citrus in Syria is a clear example, its prices declined despite the exchange rate rise, and this applies to any material produced in quantities In Syria, the local agricultural and industrial production is a real weapon that supports the Syrian pound and the purchasing power of the citizen. etc Saba and the favorable climate, as Syria has an industrial base that is not small, needs only some of the facilities that the Federation of Chambers of Industry is constantly demanding from providing raw materials and providing flexibility in marketing, exporting and combating smuggling in order to support the national product.

In addition, Syria, where the animal husbandry sector is also recovering, especially poultry, which has regained its full production capacity, knowing that it suffered significant losses in the recent period due to high costs more than the sales price, and here also must support the poultry, which is an important source of production National and effective weapon in preventing collapse.

What Syria needs to import from abroad to provide the basic needs of the citizens is financed by the Central Bank, while the import of the rest of the goods is financed by the private sector and paid for by the foreign exchange, but in return there are also resources for Syria from foreign exchange, remittances on the one hand, and exports on the other, which started In recent times, when demand for foreign exchange (dollar) is greater than supply (remittances + export), this will inevitably lead to a rise in the exchange rate, but this is not a structural problem because basic imports are funded by the central and sold at favorable prices in the corridors of the institution. As for the other commodities, their high prices are the result of high demand for them and therefore not a problem.

Within the equations of supply and demand, here interfere paid pages to give higher prices and push the market up, but in the end will not be able to reach its goals because they are virtual pages and people began to reveal.

On the other hand, there are mechanisms that must be followed locally to enhance production and create export markets for this production, facilitate transactions, and achieve the principle of competitiveness and profitability in public sector institutions, there must be no losing institution, and I support the idea of ​​partnership with the private sector, which was put forward by the Syrian government a month ago in 5 ministries I believe that their application in the Ministry of Industry in a way that strengthens public institutions, increases their profitability and raises the incomes of their employees, will enhance domestic production and export.

In recent days, when the pages of communication caused an uproar about the high exchange rates, the Syrian government expanded the outlets in the Syrian Trade Establishment, and put up a food basket at a reasonable price of 10,000 ten thousand Syrian pounds, and the prices did not rise in the institution, and this was a real competition for traders, and an outlet for the citizen. Limited income, the goal of the shock triggered by speculative sites to try to create an economic collapse has not been achieved.

Syria produces its electricity by the gas it extracts, and the Syrian government bought wheat for a year, food is available, and the dress is produced by the Syrian, and there is no need for this drumming that the exchange rates are heading for collapse, and this does not justify mistakes and default in some places, corruption and waste in other places, work mechanisms and systems Syrian President Bashar al-Assad pointed to the problem in laws and regulations and the need to address them, and this is the prerequisite and engine for economic recovery, amend and develop laws and mechanisms so as to provide flexibility, competition, profitability and facilitation Services.

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