Stopped heart transplant in the United States: The heart from a dead person was operated and transplanted


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In the United States, doctors from Duke University have managed to transfer the heart from a dead person to another hospital. Doctors said that this process is hope for hundreds of people waiting for a heart transplant.

Doctors from the Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at Duke University performed a first in the US 'transplantation of a donated heart to another patient after heart death'.

'Donation after death' (DCD) within the scope of the so-called program after the death of the person who accepted to donate organs of the lifeless body of the heart, 8 hours later, a special technique began to be re-worked. The heart was then transplanted to a patient.

The heart and the names of the transplanted person were not disclosed.

Dr. Jacob Niall Schroder, Director of the Heart Transplantation Department, shared the video of the heart being operated on his Twitter account.

Experts expect this method to be the glimmer of hope and increase the number of heart transplants for many heart patients awaiting transplantation.

The transaction is a first in the US, but has been implemented in the UK since 2009. In the UK, DCD donors account for 39 per cent of the deceased organ donors.

For the first time in 2015, a 60-year-old Turkish patient named Huseyin Ulucan was transplanted with a heart coming from a donor whose whole life functions stopped.

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