Spanish Minister says that the agreement between PSOE and Podemos does not concern the EU


MADRID (Sputnik) – The Spanish Minister of Economy, Nadia Calvino, said that the government agreement between the Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and United We can not worry the European Union (EU).

"I think that the fact that there are parliamentary coalitions is a very common situation in the EU, and that is why this type of negotiations is not surprising or generates any kind of concern, which may be new in our country but well known in European institutions" , the minister assured the Spanish press before a meeting of European Economy and Finance ministers in Brussels.
Calvino explained that he always receives "messages of encouragement and support" regarding the investiture process to form a Government in Spain, a situation that the minister expects to "culminate shortly" with the achievement of a parliamentary majority that supports the presidency of Pedro Sanchez .

"We all agree and I am firmly convinced that our country has as soon as possible a Government with full powers and with a 4-year stability perspective," said the minister.

It also transferred the need to "continue developing economic policy" channeled by the PSOE in the 18-month term of office and "implement" structural reforms "more important" that Spain "needs"

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