South Korea monitors the military moves of its northern counterpart and calls for a strong defensive position


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After exchanging threats between North Korea and the United States, South Korean Defense Minister Jung Kyung-do called for maintaining a strong defensive position.

According to the Defense Ministry, the minister, during a semi-annual meeting of senior military commanders held at the ministry's headquarters in Seoul, extended the invitation to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Park Han-ki and about 150 senior military officers and government officials.

Following North Korea's warnings to the United States not to present a new negotiating proposal before the end of the year, saying it was up to Washington to decide what it wanted, the South Korean meeting came at high levels.

He then hinted that military force could be used against North Korea if necessary, calling the North Korean leader "a man who loves rockets."

"North Korea has intensified its military movements and our military is closely monitoring the situation," the South Korean minister said.

"The security conditions on the Korean Peninsula this year have changed dramatically, which is why it is difficult to predict what will happen," he said.

He also pointed to North Korea's implementation of several tests (13 tests) missile launches, including ballistic and short-range.

He added that this is a violation of the military agreement between the two countries, which was signed in September 2018, according to "Yonhap" news agency.

He stressed that in light of North Korea's recent military moves, it is necessary to maintain a strong defense readiness.

On the political goals for next year, he said, "This year we have taken the first step towards building a strong army based on digital technology by maximizing advanced technologies. We must proactively push forward relevant measures next year to achieve reasonable results."

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