Social program for the disabled covers 81% in Mexico


MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – The social program for disabled people has an advance of 81% of the proposed goal of one million pensions, while in the whole country there are seven million people in that condition, the Mexican federal government reported .

In commemorating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Federal Undersecretary of Welfare, Ariadna Montiel, informed that until this December the delivery of pensions to people in that condition "has an advance of 81%, with the incorporation of 815,883 people , of which 372,588 are women and 443,295 are men. "
The Government of Mexico presented a balance of the social program, in which girls, boys, adolescents and young people with disabilities, "represent the priority sector, in which 507,950 are currently incorporated", that is half the goal of the mentioned program Social.
As for the native peoples, Montiel said that people with disabilities who are 30 to 64 years old in these communities are beneficiaries, and that "77,283 indigenous people of this age range are currently incorporated."

This year, 230,650 adults aged 30 to 67 have also been integrated into the program "living in urban areas with a high degree of marginalization."

Luisa Maria Albores, Federal Secretary of Welfare, said that in this country "we have 7.1 million people with disabilities and of these, we have 1.2 million girls, boys, adolescents and young people with disabilities."
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador led the presentation of advances in the delivery of pensions that the Government distributes directly and as a priority to underprivileged minors, who live with disabilities.

The governor added that federal authorities consider increasing the pension, "because the percentage of inflation for next year (3%) is already being included, so that it does not deteriorate."

The Government allocated $ 15,000 million this year to its social programs of different types in 2019, with direct aid, without intermediaries.
The International Day of Persons with Disabilities was declared in 1992 by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, with the aim of promoting their rights and well-being.

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