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ASELSAN and HAVELSAN will carry out the supply and integration of combat systems of 4 corvettes that will be built for Pakistan as the main contractor of ASFAT.

Military Factory and Shipyard Operation Inc. (ASFAT), within the scope of Pakistan MİLGEM Project (PN MİLGEM) which is the biggest export of Turkish defense industry in one item and includes the construction of 4 corvettes. ASELSAN and HAVELSAN and procurement and integration of combat systems.

PN MİLGEM Signature Ceremony held in TOBB Conference Hall, National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Guler and force commanders, military and civilian authorities of Pakistan, managers and representatives of defense industry companies attended.

ASFAT General Manager More professionals named esad akgunIn his speech at the ceremony, the project is important in terms of demonstrating that the Turkish engineer designs and manufactures even above international standards and demonstrates that he shares his skills generously with his brothers.

Akgun emphasized that the only solution for the sustainability and dynamism of the defense industry is exports, not an option for the defense industry, he said.

Esad Akgun, Pakistan Corvette Projectwill be completed with the lowest cost, highest quality and shortest time principle.

Akgun, the project is completed Pakistan will gain new capabilities in design and shipbuilding said.

Few countries have war management systems

HAVELSAN General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay stated that they are happy and proud of the advent of the New Generation Network-Assisted Combat Management System Advent, which was developed in cooperation with the Navy Command, and will be used on the ships of the friendly and sister countries.

Approximately 6 million lines of code written developed this system for the first time in Turkey's fourth MİLGEM ship used Atalay pointing to other platforms in the inventory also told us that they intended to acquire Advent.

Atalay, the project also assumed the task of integrating all weapons and sensors, he said.

ASELSAN's responsibilities

Haluk GOrgun, General Manager of ASELSAN, also has Electronic Warfare System, Fire Control Radar, Laser Warning System, Torpedo Countermeasure System, 3D Search Radar, Navigation and LPI Radar, Navigation Support Systems, Inertial Navigation System, Combat Systems, 76 millimeter Top Shooting Control System and 25 millimeter Stabilized Ball System will be provided by ASELSAN.

Following the speeches, ASFAT, HAVELSAN and ASELSAN executives signed contracts that regulate their responsibilities under the project.

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