She stopped dancing and shot her face … Video documenting tragedy


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A gunshot from an attendee at a wedding in an Indian city on December 1 caused a disaster that transformed moments of joy into great sorrow.

One of the attendees was annoyed when the dance, Hina (20 years), did not meet his invitation to continue the dance, after she stopped for a few moments, to direct her shot directly from his pistol, which was held in the face.

The joy that a district leader in the Indian state of Uttar turned to his daughter to a funeral after the dancer was hit in the face, along with two other relatives of the groom.

According to local media, the bullet settled the girl's jaw, but she passed the danger stage, and she is now in a rapid improvement, while the police are chasing the perpetrator, and he was not arrested until these moments, according to "BBC".

The phenomenon of shooting is prevalent in weddings in India and in many societies, including Arabic, and poses a great danger to attendance and the population in general, especially since stray bullets while returning to the ground cause physical damage equal to the direct fire.

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