Serbia repudiates unification of power networks in Kosovo and Albania


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BELGRADE (Sputnik) – The world community must take steps to stop the creation of the unified system of power grids in the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo and Albania, said the director of the Serbian Office for Kosovo, Marko Djuric.

The power grid operators in Kosovo and Albania, KOSTT and OST, signed an agreement in Tirana to create a common power supply system, which will take effect in April 2020.
The executive director of KOSTT, Ilir Shala, said that with this agreement, Kosovo's power networks "will be part of a regulatory block together with Albania" and will cease to be operated by the Serbian Electric Networks (EMC).
At the same time, according to Shala, the European Network of Electricity Transportation Network Managers ENTSO-E is aware of the agreement between Tirana and Pristina.

"It is impossible to implement it on the ground and (the project) must be stopped by the international community before it can have consequences for regional energy and political stability and undermine the prospects for dialogue" between Belgrade and Pristina, Djuric said.

In 1999, the armed confrontation between the Albanian separatists of the Kosovo Liberation Army and the Serbian Army and Police caused NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, which was then comprised of Serbia and Montenegro.
On February 17, 2008, Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed its independence from Serbia.
At the moment, the independence of Kosovo has been endorsed by the US, Canada and the majority of the members of the European Union (EU), but it does not enjoy the recognition of Russia, China and Spain, among other countries.

Belgrade does not recognize Kosovo's sovereignty, but under the pressure of Brussels he was forced to start negotiations with the EU mediation to normalize relations with Pristina.

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