"Self-administration" informs Moscow of its willingness to dialogue with the Syrian government without preconditions


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The "Self-Administration" sent a letter to the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding the future of dialogue with the Syrian government, which includes new positions on a number of controversial files.

In light of the meetings last week by a number of national opposition parties and forces with officials of the so-called "self-administration" in the Syrian north and the eastern region., The Secretary-General of the "Youth for Building and Change" party, Bruin Ibrahim, conveyed the message of "self-management" to the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

Today's highlight is on

The content of the "self-management" message addressed to the Russian Foreign Ministry

The results of the dialogue in the northern and eastern regions

Russian Foreign Ministry response and developments on the issue

About the content of the message "Self-Administration" and the Foreign Ministry responded to it, Secretary-General of the "Youth Party for Building and Change," said Bruin Ibrahim.

The content of the message is that "self-administration" accepts dialogue with the Syrian government without any preconditions and with Russian guarantee, and agreed to join the "SDF" forces to the Syrian Arab Army while preserving its specificity, and the Russian foreign role, in turn, replied that its position will not change, and it is with any A solution to any Syrian component in a way that guarantees preserving Syria's unity and its national constants. "

As for the developments of the Russian position, in light of marketing the talk about a Russian tendency to compromise on some files, Ibrahim said: This is not true. Russia is a principled strategic ally for Syria in the face of terrorism and support for a political solution, since Bogdanov stressed that Russia is ready to make all efforts and provide guarantees that unite the Syrians. In a dialogue aimed at protecting the unity of Syria. "

At the end of her speech, Ibrahim thanked the Russian government for the support and humanitarian assistance it provides continuously to the Syrian people, and that while all the humanitarian organizations withdrew from the Syrian north, the Ahmed Ramadan Kadyrov Society continues to distribute daily all kinds of aid.

Details in the attached audio recording …

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