See … King of Jordan surprises volunteers and paint the wall himself


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The Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, surprised a group of volunteers while participating in maintenance work for a school.

King Abdullah has surprised a group of Jordanian volunteers, including a number of people with special needs, during a visit to Al-Hallabat Al-Sharqi Secondary School for Boys in Al-Hallabat area in Zarqa governorate, Al-Dustour newspaper reported Wednesday.

The maintenance work comes as part of a campaign titled "Let our schools pride one of Jordan's elite" campaigns.

The newspaper pointed out that the Jordanian monarch participated in the maintenance of the school of paint and maintenance of seats and planting the school garden himself, has been accompanied by a number of volunteers from different governorates of the Kingdom of Jordan to participate in the maintenance of the school.

The newspaper said that King Abdullah's move comes in a message addressed to the Jordanian youth to urge them to volunteer work and its importance in serving the community, as part of the celebration of the International Day of Volunteering, which falls on the fifth of December of each year.

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