Scientists find ways to save $ 3 billion annually in electricity


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Scientists from the Russian National University of Nuclear Research (MEPhI), collaborated with experts from Kazakhstan and the United States, found the way to prevent energy loss in electrical transmission lines by covering electrical cables with nano-composites containing carbon nanoparticles.

The results of the research, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics magazine.

Corona caused by energy loss

According to scientists' assessment, the main cause of the energy loss in the electricity transmission lines as of today is the corona event, which is the type of electrical discharge. The corona occurs when the electric field strength on an electrode exceeds the puncture strength of the insulator (air) around the electrode, or the puncture strength of the surrounding insulator decreases in the field strength on the electrode so that discharge begins.

It is emphasized that the Korona incident causes an annual energy loss of approximately 3 billion dollars. This problem, which has been in question since the introduction of electricity transmission lines, is still not completely eliminated.

'We have reduced energy loss by 20 to 40 percent'

MEPhI expert, the manager of the team carrying out the study. Zinetula Insepovsaid Sputnik on the subject, ''By coating aluminum cables with nano-composites containing carbon nanoparticles, we have reduced the energy loss caused by the corona event by 20 to 40 percent. In this study, we used micro plasma oxidation technique which is very simple and effective.'' he said.
Scientists pointed out that the method they developed will provide significant savings in electrical energy and that it can be used in many electrotechnical areas where the issue of reducing the electrical losses caused by the corona event is on the agenda.

In the coming period, experts aim to expand the research dimension further and ensure the use of the method in both power transmission lines and power plants.

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