Scientists are developing drugs for dementia and Alzheimer's


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Two medications, one day perhaps manageable to humans, manage to fight against senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease in rodents, according to the experiments conducted by American scientists, says MedicalXpress.

Scientists at the Salk Institute in the United States have found that their Alzheimer's dementia drug projects -CMS121 and J147- can slow aging in healthy mice by blocking brain cell damage . The results of this research were published in a press release on MedicalXpress.

In this experiment, scientists used a type of mouse characterized by rapid aging. This group of rodents has received CMS121 or J147, substances based on plant compounds in order to maintain neuronal functions during aging or Alzheimer's disease. The age of the animals was nine months at the time of treatment, which is equivalent to the average age when these diseases begin to strike in humans.

Four months later, the researchers tested the behavior and memory of the mice, which were also analyzed genetic and biological markers of the brain. These rodents were compared with those in the control group who did not receive these drugs.

Rodents treated with CMS121 and J147 performed better on memory tests than animals that did not receive medication. They also showed changes at the cellular and molecular levels. For example, the activity of genes linked to mitochondria – which produce energy – has remained stable.

It turns out that drugs increase the proportion of acetylcoenzyme A, which improves the functioning of mitochondria and slows down the processes in the brain cells that contribute to aging.

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