Saudi journalist: Qatar admits what it previously denied


The Saudi journalist, two members Al-Ahmari, editor of "Independent Arabia", said that Qatar has recognized what it previously denied of its support for political Islam movements.

"He did not come, and Qatar raised the level of representation and the prime minister came," Al-Ahmari said in a tweet on his official account on Twitter, commenting on the failure to attend the Gulf summit held in Riyadh yesterday.

He continued: "And the Saudi foreign minister said that the boycott states support the efforts of the Emir of Kuwait. Qatar has offered to abandon the Brotherhood and support political Islam movements, and this is recognition of what it previously denied. It is in Qatar's interest to return to the Arab-Gulf embrace, isolation is harmful to it."

Al-Ahmari had expected that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, would come to Saudi Arabia to participate in the 40th Gulf Summit that was held yesterday, and he said then that "all indications, information and hadiths indicate the possibility of a visit."

Al-Ahmari wrote, in a tweet on his account on Twitter, asking: “The Emir of Qatar will come to Riyadh after 6 days?” He answered the question in the tweet itself: “Indicators, information and hadiths in all their directions say yes.”

Al-Ahmari then returned and asked again: "What if he does not come?" He also answered: "Qatar is losing, isolating itself from its surroundings. But those who will be victims and lessons are the third party, which was used by Doha to strike in Saudi Arabia and the countries of the province and then abandon them within the coming days."

Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Qatari Prime Minister, headed his country's delegation to the 40th summit meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

He was received by the Saudi monarch, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, and welcomed him remarkably noticed by the Saudi media, and a photographer circulated showing them "smile" of King Salman when he spoke with the Qatari Prime Minister, which was seen by many recently amicably, before the latter shook hands with a number of Saudi officials who were They accompany King Salman.

This happened at a time when there are increasing indications about the prospect of Gulf reconciliation, due to the background of the Qatari Foreign Minister announcing negotiations with Saudi Arabia on the Gulf crisis that has persisted since 2017.

Angered the lack of attendance of the Emir of Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE, and Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash stated that the Gulf crisis will continue, indicating that each crisis has a conclusion and that sincere and sustainable solutions are in the interest of the region.

Gargash said in a tweet on his official page on "Twitter": The Qatar crisis continues in my estimation with my conviction that each crisis has a conclusion and that sincere and sustainable solutions for the benefit of the region, the absence of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad from the Riyadh summit is due to a miscalculation of the situation asked by his advisers, and the basis remains in the solution The necessity to address the roots of the crisis between Qatar and the four countries.

Also, the Bahraini Foreign Ministry issued a statement yesterday, saying: "Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Khalifa expressed his regret for the lack of seriousness of the State of Qatar in ending its crisis with the four countries, which was very clear in the way it dealt with the fortieth session of the Supreme Council The Cooperation Council for the Gulf States … and its severe and repeated negativity by sending someone acting for its Emir without any authorization that could contribute to solving its crisis. "

The Bahraini Foreign Minister stressed: "Our countries fully adhere to its position and legitimate demands based on the six principles issued by the Cairo meeting on the fifth of July of the year 2017."

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