'Safe manufacturer' requirement for 5G technologies from EU


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European Union (EU) member countries, 5G communication technologies, critical components for national security only 'reliable manufacturers' announced that should be taken.

Ministers responsible for communication of EU member states, Council of the EU meeting in Brussels. After the meeting 5G communication technologies The Council Declaration was published.

The declaration noted that the social and economic function of the 5G networks will be vital in the future and that Europe's technological independence is important and that a common EU approach to cyber security is needed.

The declaration stressed the need for the EU to play a leading role in the deployment of 5G networks and in particular in the development of energy, health, agriculture, finance and transport.

The 5G pointed out the importance of protecting the security of electronic communication networks, and said that the EU should take effective measures with a coordinated approach.

The declaration demanding the assessment of the legal and political risks of 5G suppliers stated that the technological change with 5G will expand the cyber attack area.

The statement states that EU member states should not be highly dependent on a single supplier, saying that components that are critical to national security will be provided only by 'trusted parties'.

The US has called on European countries to stop cooperating with the Chinese technology company Huawei and to ban their products on the grounds that it involves security risks. The declaration drew attention to the absence of Huawei, the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in China and the world.

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