Russian ambassador trusts in progress of relations between the EU and Russia


BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – The permanent representative of Russia to the European Union, Vladimir Chizhov, is confident that in the coming years in relations between Russia and the EU a "new beginning" may occur.

On December 1, the new mandate of the European Commission began.

"I am absolutely certain that during the new institutional cycle of the EU that started 10 days ago, we will be able to witness a new beginning in our relations, which taking into account their experience, will be mature, wise and mutually respectful," said Chizhov it's a statement.

The ambassador noted that currently relations between Russia and the EU cannot be classified as normal due to sanctions against Russia and inactivity of many cooperation mechanisms between Moscow and Brussels, he added.
"Despite this, the European Union is almost half of the commercial exchange for our country, European companies continue to invest in the Russian economy, the Russians beat records regarding the acquisition of Schengen visas, numerous joint projects are carried out in in the fields of culture, education and science, cross-border cooperation is developed step by step, "Chizhov said.
According to the diplomat, slowly but surely the EU realizes that it is difficult for Russia and Europe to coexist and develop without each one.

He also felt that it is a short-sighted approach for the EU to maintain a "semi-frozen" cooperation with Russia, while Moscow is expanding the bilateral dialogue with EU member countries.

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