Russia is not an enemy of NATO: Polish President takes Macron's words


The Polish President shares the view that Emmanuel Macron expressed that Moscow was not the opponent of NATO. The Alliance considers Russia as its partner and neighbor, with which it happens to not get along, said Andrzej Duda after the NATO summit in London.

After the declaration of Emmanuel Macron, for whom Russia is not an enemy of the Atlantic Alliance unlike terrorism, the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, took up the words of the French head of state, during a press conference held after the closing of the NATO summit in London on 4 December:

"No enemies. There is no enemy (facing NATO, ed). One can probably qualify as enemy non-governmental organizations of a terrorist nature who allow themselves to attack civilians and soldiers, "he said, in response to the question whether Russia was hostile to NATO.

"It's our neighbor, with whom we do not get along in all areas," he added.

According to Mr Duda, it is necessary to hold talks with Moscow as a neighbor and partner.

However, a declaration adopted at the end of the summit states that certain "actions of Russia represent a threat to Euro-Atlantic security" and underlines the emergence of other perils.

Anniversary of the Alliance

NATO's 70th anniversary summit was held on December 3-4 in the British capital, in a particularly tense climate stemming from Emmanuel Macron's recent statements about the Alliance's "brain dead" state. .

Donald Trump has clearly expressed his opinion towards this judgment which he describes as "very insulting" and "very nasty". According to him, "no one needs NATO any more than France".

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