Rouhani to Governors: Worry about recent family events


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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, referring to the recent incidents, urged the governors to step in and help the families and people affected.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged the governors to discuss fuel price reform, a national action and decision by the entire system, aimed at helping more vulnerable and stepping up justice and eliminating discrimination, Spotnik reports. Is to explain to the people and if they have any suggestions to improve the affairs and improve the lives of the people, let them know at the office of the President.

Rouhani, speaking at a conference of governors across the country with the Minister of Interior and his deputies, said of recent events: "Governors must be reluctant to help their families and affected people, and to upset and maximize the families affected by the incident. Help and support.

The meeting also presented a number of governors with a report on their mission and shared plans and demands with the Iranian president.

Prior to the remarks of the President, the Interior Minister and the Deputy Ministers of the Interior also presented a report on the situation of the provinces and headquarters formed to implement the fuel price reform plan.

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