RATP strikers violently attacked their colleague who was still working – video


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A Hauts-de-Seine tram driver cleared the oars clogged with spilled trash cans when a group of people began to insult him. These were his own colleagues who were striking against pension reform at RATP. The facts took place the day after the national mobilization of December 5th.

A tram driver, who had taken oats out of the garbage cans and other obstructions, was violently attacked by his fellow strikers.

The scene, filmed and published on social networks, took place on December 6 in the morning, around 5:30, in the city of La Garenne-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), told the Parisian RATP.

No physical violence

"Are not you ashamed?", "Go and eat the b *** at Macron," yelled the strikers who seemed to blame him for not going on strike. The driver, however, was not physically abused.

The RATP "strongly condemns this isolated incident and supports the machinist," says Le Parisien. "In times of social movement, the priority is to ensure the continuity of the public service mission while respecting the right to strike," RATP said.

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