Putin calls for improvement of cyber war systems


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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia should improve cyber warfare systems and that defense industry companies have developed 20 models in recent years.

Russian NavyDevelopment meeting Putin, “In recent years, defense industry companies have developed more than 20 electronic warfare equipment, which are superior to their foreign counterparts, enabling cyber combat troops to successfully solve all the challenges they face” said.

Putin stated that information management systems should be improved along with cyber war systems. Deneyim It is important that the experience gained during the use of cyber combat systems equipment in exercises and combat conditions be considered at the maximum level. They were actively used during the operations in Syria ” used the phrase.

The report titled NATO Determining NATO's Competence Areas Gecen, published last month, provided a wide range of policies that could be produced for the ‘encirclement of Russia,, and gave recommendations on NATO's capabilities to limit Russia's‘ east wing ’influence.

The report includes a recommendation that NATO should establish communities that can resist these countries, including Russia, where hybrid threats are likely to occur, and with countries such as Sweden and Finland that are not members of the NATO, the European Commission, the private sector and civil society. organizations should be in close elbow contact assessment.

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