Prof. Cem Yilmaz filed a lawsuit. Decision that makes the rule cry


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Known for his anti-smoking campaigns. Dr. Orhan Kural's comedian Cem Yılmaz, who shared about his social media account, was rejected for the non-pecuniary damages lawsuit of 10 thousand pounds. Orhan Kural was very upset about the decision, could not keep tears.

Professor Dr. Contact Orhan directlyCem Yılmaz, who shared about himself in his social media account, filed a lawsuit for 10 thousand pounds non-pecuniary damages in Istanbul 4th Civil Court of First Instance.

Plaintiff Orhan Kural attended the hearing with his lawyer and Cem Yılmaz was represented by his lawyer.

According to the news reported by the DHA, the court rejected the 10 thousand pounds non-pecuniary damages lawsuit filed by Yılmaz. Rule indicating that the decision was very upset, cried at the exit of the court.

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