Pentagon: We haven't given up on the S-400 yet


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US Department of Defense (Pentagon) Defense Policy Undersecretary of State John Rood "(about S-400) did not give up yet. We continue to Turks and talks to persuade another way to follow. The problem is we will continue to dialogue to try to resolve in a positive way. Of course, Turkey, NATO ' a valuable member of the "he said.

Rood answered journalists' questions at the Pentagon.

Turkey S-400 expressing that they are trying to discourage air defense systems. Rood, "We haven't given up on this yet. We continue to negotiate with the Turks to convince them to follow another path. We will continue the dialogue to try to solve the problem positively. Of course, Turkey is a valuable member of NATO"

Turkey's YPGRood also mentioned his approach to "We expect Turks to be more constructive about some planning"

Undersecretary of work on some aspects of the relationship between Turkey and the United States stressed that went well.

"We see signs of an Iranian attack"

Rood also made evaluations on Iran, Iranian Despite the policy of maximum repression against the regime of Tehran 's aggressive attitude has been determined by the American intelligence.

Rood "I will not go into detail for obvious reasons, but we continue to see signs of a possible Iranian attack. We are concerned about this"

Claiming that Iran has carried out many attacks this year, Rood said that the Iranian administration's intentions for aggression have actually been revealed for some time.

About Iran "will continue to be dynamic"Rood,"Our response will be dynamic" said.

Rood, the United States sent 14,000 troops to the region exactly where it was deployed or whether to remain at a fixed point, said they have not reached any decision.

"I have not received a clear explanation for the cessation of Ukrainian aid"

Evaluating the suspension of military aid to Ukraine, the subject of the dismissal investigation of US President Donald Trump, Rood said that he was informed after the aid was suspended. Rood, "I have not received a clear statement except that there are concerns about corruption in relation to the suspension of aid" said.

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