Pentagon: US military temporarily ends military cooperation with Saudi Arabia


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Last week, after a Saudi soldier killed three US military personnel on a Florida base, the Pentagon has announced that it will temporarily suspend US military cooperation with Saudi Arabian forces in certain areas. The reported on Wednesday, several media worldwide.

The US Department of Defense at the Pentagon in Washington announced on Wednesday, for the time being no more flight training for Saudi military perform. This decision was a reaction to the attack on a US naval base in Florida by a Saudi assassin. This was young military of the Arabian desert kingdom and was at the time of the offense in training by the US military.

Affected by the suspension of the US-Saudi military cooperation were the naval air bases Pensacola, Whiting Field and Mayport, said Andriana Genualdi, a spokeswoman for the US Navy. Over the next ten days, the US military wants to "revise security checks on foreign apprentices undergoing US Army training in the United States," the Pentagon said in a recent statement.

How long the flight training for Saudi and other foreign military personnel remains exposed left the US authorities still open.

The Pentagon's decision "will have far-reaching implications for Saudi military officials, including 850 Saudi military aviation trainees as part of a 'safety stand-down'," reported Al Jazeera's Wednesday issue. "The shootings reiterate questions about US military relations with Saudi Arabia, which Congress would like to explore in more detail about the war in Yemen and the assassination of the Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi." All about 5,000 foreign military students, the are in the United States within the training of the US Army, now undergo a "comprehensive review by security procedures". This was announced by a senior Pentagon spokesman.

The US government's longstanding practice of training members of foreign armed forces in the US military should now be "screened".

Earlier last week, a 21-year-old Saudi Air Force lieutenant, stationed at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, killed three US soldiers and injured another eight US military personnel in a riot. The offender fired his shots on the grounds of the US military base in a training room. There, US military personnel train members of the Saudi Arabian army. The gunman was finally shot dead by emergency services, the FBI currently investigates in the case.

Prior to his fatal rampage on the US military site, the Saudi Arabian attacker had posted a manifest on Twitter. In the statement, he described the US as a "nation of evil." The National Security Advisor at the White House, Robert O'Brien, described the act as an "obvious terrorist attack." However, now the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI would have to wait for the first time.

For decades, the US and Saudi Arabia – keyword: "Petro-dollar" – have worked together closely in military terms. Riyadh is considered one of the most important US allies in the Arab-Muslim region. "Hundreds of Saudi military personnel are trained each year in the United States," the news magazine Der Spiegel reported Wednesday morning. "As part of the revision of the security checks, now ordered by US Vice Secretary of Defense David Norquist, (…), among other things, all the Saudi Arabian military currently trained by the US Army within the United States are to be re-screened. Those of you who are in pilot training will have to stay ground for the time being, a ministry official said. "

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