Pentagon halts training of Saudi military


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The Pentagon has announced that the operations of all Saudi military personnel studying in the United States for an indefinite period will be suspended, after the shooting at the Florida Navy base.

Earlier, the Associated Press announced the authorities' decision to suspend flight training classes for more than 300 students from Saudi Arabia who were training in military aviation, the Sputnik reported.

The magazine notes that cadet flight training, long range shooting training, and other activities, except for theoretical classes, such as language courses, are temporarily terminated.

US Deputy Secretary of Defense David Nurkovist said in a justification that the restrictions would affect 852 Saudi military training students in the United States. He noted that the measures were carried out as part of a security review that authorities subsequently applied to 5.1,000 foreign students undergoing military training in the country.

The newspaper also notes that Nuclearist has given military forces 10 days to review and accommodate foreign students at US military bases, but the situation with Saudi cadres may be delayed. Leadership of various military units may provide additional security measures.

Last Friday, four were killed and eight others were wounded in a shootout at a Florida military base. The attacker was a Saudi soldier, Mohammed Saeed al-Shamrani, who was trained at a military base.

US officials are investigating whether this was a terrorist attack. However, there are reports that shortly before the attack, al-Shamrani held a party for other troops in the country, filming large numbers of victims. Also, one of al-Shamrani's comrades claimed to have filmed the shooting, and two other Saudi soldiers watched him from the car.

The FBI Special Agent declined to comment on reports of the video during a press conference.

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