Pentagon Deputy: Iran is capable of offensive actions against the US military


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The US Undersecretary of Defense has stated that the United States does not rule out the possibility of an Iranian offensive against the US military.

"We are still worried about the possibility of an Iranian aggression … We are also seeing signs that potential offensive action may occur," Sputnik reported, citing Hill's Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense John Rudd.

He warned that the United States would not take any action without response.

"We sent clear signals of the possible consequences of the rape to the Iranian authorities," Rood noted.

US-Iran relations have deteriorated after US President Donald Trump announced in 2018 that the United States would exit, and subsequently reintroduced US sanctions against Iran.

Tensions escalated after a US military drone was targeted from Iran, and on the other hand, the United States accused Iran of involvement in an attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

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