Paris responds to US surtax threats of French products up to 100%


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The issue of the GAFA tax still poisons relations between Paris and Washington. After the latter again threatened to impose additional customs duties, up to 100%, on certain French products, France recalled that it would not back down in the adoption of the tax.

France "does not have to back down" on the implementation of a tax on the giants of the Internet, said Tuesday the Secretary of State for the Economy Agnes Pannier-Runacher, while the United States threaten in retaliation to overtax some French products 100%, reports AFP.

"It is very clear that we do not have to back down on a subject that economically makes sense, and that is tax justice (…) we must be pugnacious on this subject," said Mrs. Pannier-Runacher on Sud Radio, recalling that this tax "is not directed against American digital platforms" but also applies to French platforms.

New threats

Washington has threatened to impose additional duties, up to 100%, on the equivalent of $ 2.4 billion of French products in response to the introduction in France of a tax on US giants digital.

Among the products that could be surcharged are many cheeses including Roquefort, yogurt, sparkling wine and cosmetics such as soap and makeup or handbags.

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