Oman begins exporting fish to Russia


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Today, a number of Omani companies started exporting their fishery products to Russia after it completed all necessary procedures and transactions.

The Omani companies specialized in the fisheries industry, this morning, exported fish products to Russia, after they have done all the necessary procedures and official approvals to carry out export operations.
Competent Russian government agencies visited Oman in September 2018 and met with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Omani fish companies.

The Russian delegation visited the seaports and reviewed the mechanisms of work in the landing areas and visited fish markets and factories that supervise the processing of fish in the Sultanate, and reviewed the procedures and the mechanism of work, according to the site "Atheer."

The delegation toured the showrooms, sales, warehouses, shipping and loading sites in the companies and on the standards of quality control of fish and seafood safety applied in the Sultanate and their compliance with the standards required for export to the Russian Republic.

Against the background of the Russian visit, the Federal Authority for Veterinary Control and Plant Safety in Russia, approved a number of specific mechanisms for the export of Omani fish products to the Russian Federation.

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