Officially … Napoli announces the dismissal of his coach, Ancelotti, after qualifying in the Champions League


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Italian club Napoli sacked coach Carlo Ancelotti on Tuesday as coach of the team.

Ancelotti managed to qualify for the Champions League final, after a landslide victory over Belgian Genk with four clean goals.

Doubts have been circulating for some time about Ancelotti's leadership in the Italian team, which lost 24 points in its struggle for the Calcio title out of the 15 games it played.

"Napoli has decided to dismiss Carlo Ancelotti as the team's first coach," the club said in a statement.

The dismissal came after weeks of tension in the club as Ancelotti criticized the decision of club owner de Laurentis to force the team into a closed camp for one week.

The players left the camp after mid-term and refused to stay at the hotel, although the training continued normally.

Napoli is ranked seventh in the Serie A table with 21 points, 17 points behind top-ranked Inter Milan.

The name Carlo Ancelotti was associated with taking over Arsenal, replacing Spain's article, Unai Emery.

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