Number of deaths increased to 6 in New Zealand volcano eruption


After the casualty rescued from the eruption of the Whakaari volcano in northern New Zealand, the death toll rose to six as one of the 31 hospitalized people died.

New Zealand Whakaari Volcano New Zealand police reported that one of the 31 wounded was killed and 25 of the 30 still injured were in critical condition.

Police did not provide information about the identity of the person who lost his life, "Middlemore Hospital, a person under treatment died" were used in the statements.

While the number of people who lost their lives increased to 6 with the latest statements, 3 of 34 people who were wounded were discharged after their treatment. However, 30 wounded, 25 of whom are critical, are still under treatment in various hospitals.

Police reported that there is no sign of any volcano eruption on the White Island, 8 people have not yet received news.

Police launch criminal investigation

New Zealand Police have announced a criminal investigation into deaths and injuries caused by the Whakaari volcano eruption.

Deputy Police Chief John Tims said, biri We are investigating whether you are the person responsible for deaths and injuries. ’

Nationality of victims

The names of those killed and wounded in the volcano eruption have not yet been officially announced, but at the time of the explosion, 24 victims were found to be Australia, 9 were from the USA, 5 were from New Zealand, 4 were from Germany, two from China, two from England and one from Malaysia. .

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