Newspaper reveals the number of who can obtain Saudi citizenship annually


Saudi press reports revealed Friday evening the number of people who can obtain Saudi citizenship annually.

The newspaper previously published a report citing unnamed sources as saying that the royal order issued by King Salman to open the door of naturalization of distinguished and creative, included "an upper limit" to the annual naturalization.

"Naturalization orders, which will be issued in the light of nominations, will not exceed a maximum of 300 naturalization orders per year," the newspaper said.

The newspaper "previously" had published a few days ago that it was aware of the issuance of a royal order from King Salman, which opens the door to naturalize the competencies of legitimate, medical, scientific, cultural, sports and technical.

The newspaper pointed out that the Saudi move aimed at attracting distinguished and creative people from all over the world to live on the territory of Saudi Arabia, to contribute to promote the wheel of development, to benefit the country in various fields.

King Salman's order included the lifting of all candidates nominated to grant Saudi Arabian citizenship from all over the world, including also distinguished and creative, who meet the criteria referred to by members of the displaced tribes in Saudi Arabia and the sons of Saudi women and children born in Saudi Arabia who meet the conditions mentioned.

The Royal Decree is in line with what is required by the public interest to attract distinguished scholars, intellectuals, creators and specialists, in line with Vision 2030, which aims to promote an environment that attracts investments and human competencies.

The Royal Order includes the naturalization of distinguished and creative people in the areas of:

Forensic scientists, medical scientists, pharmacy, mathematics, computing, technology, agriculture, nuclear and renewable energy, industry, oil and gas, industrial intelligence, IoT, applications, big data, software engineering, robotics, high-performance computers, nanotechnology, environment, geology, space science and aviation.

In addition to the naturalization of talented in the fields: cultural, sports and art.

In addition to the fields that contribute to the support and enhancement of Saudi competencies, and the transfer of knowledge, as well as in areas that Saudi Arabia needs due to its geographical nature, such as scientists distinguished in desalination technology, and the achievement of goals and aspirations in accelerating the development wheel, for the benefit of the homeland and citizens with good and public benefit.

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