Newspaper: Paris meeting will urge the formation of a rescue Lebanese government to get out of the crisis


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Six weeks after the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri following protests against the ruling elite, the financial crisis raises fears related to Lebanon’s stability, in light of banks imposing restrictions on capital movement, the scarcity of the dollar, and the Lebanese pound losing a third of its value in the black market.

Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the meeting today in Paris about Lebanon will aim to send a clear signal to Lebanon that the solution to the economic and financial crisis afflicting the country is in the hands of the Lebanese, and will urge them to form a government that implements its decisions to get out of the crisis.

The sources assured the newspaper that emphasis will be placed on assisting Lebanon, starting from the formation of a balanced government that takes into consideration its commitment to administrative and financial reforms in which it pledged before the "Cedar" conference, which helps Lebanon to recover from its economic crises.

The source also indicated that there are several options that will be put forward during the last meeting regarding the fate and future of the Lebanese government.

Since October 17, Lebanon has witnessed widespread and sustained popular protests, calling for the dissolution of parliament, early elections, and the abolition of the sectarian quota system in politics, as many see it as a reason for the ineffectiveness of the government.

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