New hope … The success of the first heart transplant "dead" in the United States


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American doctors have achieved a major medical breakthrough, having performed the first successful heart transplant surgery from a dead donor in US history.

The newspaper "Mirror", doctors managed to hospital "Duke" American recovery of the heart, extracted from a person who died recently, before transplanted into the body of a person who had heart problems, a type of organ donation called "donation after death", Or (Donation after death).

The newspaper added that the new achievement was announced through a tweet to the head of the heart transplant unit at the University of "Duke", "Jacob" Niall, who published a video of the heart of the newly extracted pulsed, equipped with some hoses and wires, commented: "The first donation after death For adults in the United States of America, this means an ever-increasing number of donors. "

The operation is the first of its kind in the United States, but not the first in the world, where the UK is witnessing a significant increase in the proportion of transplanted organs from the recently deceased, including heart transplantation. 39% of organs used in transplants in the UK, more than a third.

Comments praised the efforts of the medical team at the university, while some were interested in thanking the donor person, who agreed to donate his body after death, praising the sacrifice made, and demanded everyone to follow him.

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